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insane ian

Insane Ian as Shaun of the DeadINSANE IAN, a comedian, writer, and musician,  did a song called "We're All Gonna Die" in honor of slasher movies which quickly grabbed my attention. So I interviewed him about it...
Insane Ian on (The Funny Music Project)






MR. FRIGHTS: What was the inspiration that kicked off the making of this song?

INSANE IAN: Kiki Canon approached me at a multi-media convention we were attending and told me of an idea she had for a song that explored horror movie tropes. As we spoke over the next few months, we further evolved the idea into an ACTUAL horror plot, so that we could showcase the tropes better in verse. We decided we needed a cast, so we envisioned me as the genre nerd, her as the vapid hot-chick (who freaks out every chorus), and then enlisted the help of friend and fellow comedy music rapper Devo Spice as the jock/wannabe hero, and nerdcore hiphop superstar Schaffer the Darklord as the killer. Admittedly, that last bit may have been a bit of type-casting, since...well, he has "Darklord" in his name.

MR. FRIGHTS: Do you have other horror genre songs or plans to do more?

INSANE IAN: On my first CD (available on my website at end shameless plug), I organized a 'We Are The World' style benefit song based on Coldplay's appearance at the end of the film "Shaun of the Dead". Titled "There's Something About A Zombie: The ZombAID Benefit Song", we got together with 11 other comedy musicians to raise awareness that, while they may be dead, zombies are people too. Dead, rotting smelly people, but still...

MR. FRIGHTS: This is supposed to be on your next CD, when will that happen and where can people get it?

INSANE IAN: Well, technically I haven't announced it yet, but hey...why not use this as an excuse. I'm working on a DVD/CD collection called "Grand Theft Audio", and with any luck, it'll be available early next year. I know the CD portion will be anyway, as it's mostly a b-sides collection, but these new tracks I've been doing on will also be featured. The DVD will include music videos, live performances and sketches based on comics, videogames...and horror movies.

MR. FRIGHTS: What's your favorite scary movie and who's your favorite horror villain?

INSANE IAN: Well, I've always been a fan of scary movies, but probably my favorite would be "From Justin To Kelly". Man, that was HORRIFYING. As for horror villain, I'd have to say the RIAA.

MR. FRIGHTS: Do you listen to any horror/Halloween type of music and what's your favorite?

INSANE IAN: For a long time, I had Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" album on endless repeat for about 6 and a half years.

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MR. FRIGHTS: Are you a fan of the slasher film?

INSANE IAN: The song was written by horror movies fans, and we wanted to use all the things we'd seen in all the slasher movies... the same tropes that are universal, and thus, silly. Sure, it's scary when the killer's body vanishes at the end of the movie, just when you think he's dead...but they ALL do that. So...yeah, I'm a fan...this song was written BECAUSE we're fans.

MR. FRIGHTS: What is your typical style of music?

INSANE IAN: It's hard to say. As a comedy musician, I sometimes change style to fit what's popular, as well as skewing the subject matter. One day I'll do a country break up song about a guy being left by his wife...for a vampire, next I'll do a song about the end of the world, set to the style of pop rock stars OKGO. It varies from case to case.

MR. FRIGHTS: Would you be open to producing a full out horror music cd?

INSANE IAN: It depends. If there was enough humor in the subject matter of the songs to balance with it, I think a comedy horror CD would be great. The best thing I enjoy about both comedy and horror, be it in film or music, is that neither really takes itself TOO seriously. It can't. Sure, there's graphic details (or entrails, as the case may be) and horrifying occurrences, but if you think about it from the audience's point of view...they're there because of the adrenaline rush of "who's going next" and "who'll survive". It's like a roller coaster ride...through a wood chipper. Comedy is the same way. The best comedy works when it doesn't wink it's eye at you...comedy that it's trying to TELL the joke, but knows you're in on it anyway. That's why movies like "Airplane" and the first "Scream" work, and flicks like "Vampires Suck" and "Blair Witch 2" don't.

MR. FRIGHTS: This was a collaboration of sorts, can you tell us about the rest of the people involved?

INSANE IAN: Kik Canon has performed under the name "Voice of Kiki", but hasn't released any CDs of her own...yet. She's a fan of many music genres and performers, and is one of the lucky few who gets to be friends with whom she's a fan of. Devo Spice is one of the most popular comedy rappers performing today, and has been featured on the Dr Demento radio show numerous times, even holding the #1 spot for the end of the year countdown. You can learn more about him at Schaffer the Darklord is probably the closest to a "horror" performer on this song... lots of his songs have a dark tone, but they're always off-set by Schaffer's unique sense of humor. He's an amazing lyricist, and his style, humor and rhythm are unmatched in the nerdcore hiphop scene. He's currently on tour with other luminaries of the genre, opening for MC Chris (of [adult swim] fame) along with Mc Lars, YTCracker and MC Frontalot.

MR. FRIGHTS: How would you personally survive a slasher film?

INSANE IAN: I'd run out the front door, not upstairs. I'd keep a weapon handy, but not be a hero. I wouldn't split up from my friends, we'd stick together. And mostly...I'd be the killer. This way, I'm guaranteed to survive...and see the sequel.

Insane Ian as Shaun of the Dead




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